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Sample Guidenotes

A sample of what you get when traveling with us.

We offer a bespoke service.  We help you develop an itinerary created to match your available time and interests. Each itinerary is unique.   And each itinerary comes with its own matching guidebook in the form of a collection of detailed guide notes.   The guide notes will take you to places far from the usual tourist circuit and are the next best thing to having a human guide traveling with you.  

On arrival we meet you at the airport, ensure that you find your car, make sure that you have communications and other requisites, and set you safely on your way, complete with a preloaded GPS unit if you need it. We also give you a printed copy of your very own guidebook.  

Why a printed copy ?  If it was available only on-line you would be unable to access it when you most need it.  Many of the most interesting things in Botswana are in places without electricity and without internet coverage.   

You can check out a sample of the documentation you will receive below.  It covers just one day of one journey.  It was prepared for a family from Singapore with two active school age children who wanted a camping holiday involving plenty of exercise and some insight into the lives of local people.  Yours will be different, but the level of detail and the layout will be similar.

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