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Looking for a roadtrip in Botswana?

Botswana is a peaceful haven in a sometimes troubled continent and a wonderful choice for a first visit to Africa. The people are welcoming and helpful; English is spoken almost everywhere; you can safely eat the food and drink the water; and everything works. Crime rates are very low, and the Police Service is routinely ranked as the best in Africa. It is as easy to go motor touring here as it would be in Australia, Britain or Canada. And yet much of Botswana is undiscovered by tourists. The Okavango Delta is a wonderful destination, but there is so much more to this very diverse country. So why not roadtrip Botswana?

Since there isn’t a good guidebook to Botswana we have posted some information on our favourite parts of the country here.  These documents are not a substitute for our detailed guide notes: they are just a general introduction to each area. They don’t cover the whole country, but we will add more over time.

We hope they will help you decide where you might want to go; and provide background for discussions with one of our consultants. The map below shows the various locations, along with the major highways.

Check out our destination guides here:

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