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The Okavango Delta is a wonderful destination, but there is so much more to this very diverse country. Check out our destination guides for a self-drive tour in Botswana. For general information including weather and best time to come, see FAQs and read our introduction to Botswana below.

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Driving yourself gives freedom to follow your own interests. We highlight some interests you can follow in Botswana below. For a wider range of topics click on the ‘ special interests’ tab above.

Our print-on-demand guidebook is unique. We print the sections on the places and activities that match your itinerary and interests and give you a copy on arrival. Scroll down to see some sample sections.


Wildlife viewing is a key tourist activity in Botswana, from the guided safari or boat trip to a cycling, horseback or self drive experience where you seek out the wildlife yourself. You will not be disappointed.


There are about 500 species of birds regularly found in Botswana and 12 ‘Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas’ covering 25% of the land area. A self drive tour over 3 weeks could cover all the ecoregions and with our knowledge get you to some superb birdwatching sites.


A range of methods are used for fishing in Botswana which occurs in dams, rivers and lakes. If you are keen to include fishing in your activities this can be arranged so that you join local fishers.


Botswana has an interesting culture that sets it apart from other African country in its transition to independence in 1966. Our guide notes bring to life this history with particular places to visit that have a story to tell.

Local culture

Often the most memorable aspect of an overseas trip is the people you meet, learning a little of their culture, how they live, what they eat, what they do. Self driving provides many opportunities to interact with the locals who are friendly and very proud of their country. They will be very willing to share their knowledge of their culture from tribal customs to traditional medicine. You just need to take the time to talk.


Most Tswana families traditionally have three pieces of land; a home in a village, a ploughing field and a cattlepost with farming of crops and livestock key activities. We have a range of guide notes covering a range of interests.


If you are interested in railway history, as you travel you can see and explore old railway housing, visit abandoned stations, take a boat cruise on a large dam originally built to water steam trains, see old railcars and steam locomotives or ride an existing service.


It seems clear that our species originated in Africa. Archaeological sites that have been developed for tourism in Botswana virtually all belong to the iron age.  There are also many examples of stone age rock art, but most sites are not advertised at all.  

If you have a genuine interest in the Stone Age /Iron Age we will have some suggestions to include in your itinerary.

Sample Itineraries

Our team of friendly and experienced agents work with you to create a unique itinerary tailored to your own interests, preferences and available time. There is no need to follow one of the three below, but if you want to follow one of them we will be pleased to organise this for you. Prices include the rental of a Toyota Corolla with unlimited kilometres for comparative purposes, however we would encourage you to organise a rental car of your choice. Activities that require pre-booking are also included in the price for a self-drive holiday in Botswana. 
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Cost starting from: USD $1656.00(per family)
Departs from:Gaborone
Ends at: Kasane
People: 2

Accommodation: Camping

Aimed at: A couple with two pre-teen children seeking an educational outdoor holiday . Interested in wildlife,history, geography, and cultural experiences.

Route: Gaborone to Kasane with lots of interesting stops along the way.

Activities: A boat trip to view wild crocodiles (included in the price) Visits Boer War battlefields, archaeological sites, the place where diamonds were first discovered, Botswana’s only theme park, wildlife viewing and so much more.

Cost starting from: USD $3,396.00(per couple)
Departs from: Kasane
Ends at: Kasane
People: 2

Accommodation: Guest Houses

Aimed at: A couple in their twenties seeking adventure, physical exercise and wildlife

Route: South to Nata, west to Maun, a foray into the Okavango Delta, then follow the Okavango River north to Shakawe and return to Kasane via the Caprivi Strip.

Activities: Kayaking on the Chobe River and in the Okavango Delta, Hot air ballooning, An overnight trip by dugout canoe, cycling and horseriding with wildlife, hiking, visiting habituated meerkats and so much more. Overnight kayaking and mokoro trips, a night on the Makgadikgadi Pans are included in the price.

Cost starting from: USD $3870.00(per couple)
Departs from: Gaborone
Ends at: Gaborone
People: 2

Accommodation: Self Catering

Aimed at: A retired farming couple who enjoy wildlife, birdwatching, golf and cultural experiences

Route: North to Kasane with a detour around the Tswapong Hills. Then down the Okavango Panhandle to Maun and the Delta. Follows the Boteti River southward, and then south to Kanye with stops in Serowe and Shoshong

Activities: Boat cruises, game drives, farm tours, basket weaving workshops, golf, visuals arts, historical monuments, hikes and so much more.

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